International Stratego Federation


ISF Tournaments

The open Stratego World Championship

This is a great tournament for everyone who wants to play Stratego at international top level. People from all countries can come here and try their Stratego skills against other experienced and less experienced players.

The Junior Stratego World Championship

This is the highlight of the Stratego Calendar for junior players everywhere. The junior equivalent of the open Stratego World Championship.

The Stratego Country Team Tournament

This is a tournament for teams of the best four people from a country, held together with the World Championships. Normally the best four players from each country with enough participants will qualify for this team and play once against all other teams to play for their country's honour.

As well as these three annual tournaments, the ISF also holds several top international tournaments which don't have an annual cycle. These are:

The Stratego Masters

This is an invitational tournament for which you can qualify by your position on the International Stratego Rating. People qualifying for this tournament will be invited to this elite event.

The Stratego Duel World Championship

This is the official short version of the classic Stratego game. Held every two years (at present) the next tournament will be in 2013.

The Barrage World Championship

This tournament is another with a current two year cycle between Championships. Next tournament will be 2013.

The Ultimate Lightning World Championship

The hybrid version of Stratego & another tournament with a current two year cycle between Championships. Next tournament will be 2013.

In addition to the above tournaments, the ISF will also try to hold several international tournaments in different countries to promote the game there.

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